who we are


Angle Systems is a US company based in California that designs, fabricates and markets state-of-the-art, non-contact, high-precision optical inspection & measurement systems using Machine Vision and Laser technology, for various markets and applications. Angle Systems specializes in Metrology, Inspection and Automation system solutions for various manufacturing and R&D facilities. We have our standard products that cater to the Wire and Cable, Semiconductor and Bottling industries. Some of these products could also be used in high precision metrology applications. Apart from our standard products, we develop custom metrology and inspection solutions. We also tailor our standard solutions to fit specific customer requirements. Our area of expertise is in the development of cost effective Machine Vision, Laser Metrology, Inspection Systems and Hardware/Software Integration.


Ananda Mysore MS in Metrology, UNC, North Carolina

Founded in 2009 in Mountain View, California

  • over 10 patents and publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Past member of ANSI/ASME B89 Standards Committee (Video Metrology and Laser Probes)
  • 25+ years experience in field of precision Metrology
  • 15+ years experience as a machine design expert in Metrology using Vision, Laser, and motion control technology


Our goal is to provide customers with the best-in-class, automated, non-contact inspection and measurement systems that improve productivity and accuracy in quantum leaps.


Angle Systems is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. All of our engineers are specialized in various fields. We are committed to excellent service, reliable products and highest customer satisfaction.


Wire & Cable (extruded plastic, metal)

- Measurements: wire and cable type, wall-thicknesses

Biomedical (single/multi-lumen catheters)

- Measurements: lumen diameter, lumen wall-thicknesses, width, angle

Rubber and Tubing (safety hoses, drip-molded end-caps)

- Measurements: wall-thickness, angle, “pass/fail” check

Semiconductor (3D wafer thickness & defect mapping)

- Measurements: visual 3D maps with dimensions

General Metrology (machine vision combined with machine learning / artificial intelligence)

- Measurements: GD&T, defect inspection and identification

Custom Orders - Consult customers to custom-develop products for their applications using various sensing

technologies, computer data acquisition and statistical analysis.