Tubing Industry

Multi Lumen Vision System - MLVS

Angle Systems' Multi Lumen measurement system measures wall thickness of multi-lumen, multi-wall, and multi-tubing using machine vision technology. This system can be used for off-line measurements on the production floor as well as in a lab environment.

System Configuration

  • Bench top vision based system
  • Fixed magnification or zoom options
  • High resolution industrial camera
  • Computer controlled lighting
  • Touch screen monitor
  • System calibration using NIST traceable standard

Software Features

  • Powerful and easy to use operator interface
  • Auto part finding and measurement
  • Pass/fail based on part specifications
  • Data saving capabilities using .txt or .csv files
  • Image save using .jpg format
  • Printable inspection report

Measurement Capabilities

  • Inner Diameter (ID)
  • Outer Diameter (OD)
  • Wall Thickness (Minimum, Maximum and Average)
  • Concentricity
  • Area
  • Multi-lumen Tubing
  • Multi-layer Tubing
  • Multi-tubing
  • Any optional feature required per application
  • Please contact the factory for detailed specifications

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