Wall Thickness Vision System
  • Bench top vision based system
  • Powerful and easy to use operator interface
  • Auto part finding and measurement
  • System calibration using NIST traceable standard
Cable Print Inspection System
  • Cable speeds up to 500 ft/min
  • Vision based print quality inspection on moving cables
  • Identify and alert the operator when print quality changes
  • Cable diameters from 0.2" to 2.0"
3D Laser Scanning System
  • Motorized X and Y travel
  • Z height based on confocal/laser triangulation sensor
  • Thickness, height and flatness measurements
  • 3D map of the object and 2D profiles of individual line scans
Wafer Thickness Measurement System
  • Differential thickness measurements
  • Based on laser triangulation sensors
  • Reflective and non reflective wafers
  • 3D mapping of the wafers
Bottle Label Positioning System
  • For in-line labeler machines
  • Clear or colored bottles
  • Seam recognition or cartouche alignment
  • Fully automatic operation
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